There is nothing like a massage, whether it is for relaxation or revitalisation, there is something for everybody.

Full Body Swedish Massage

Wind down and take time to soothe your mind and body with our Full Body Massage.  Our therapist will work on all major muscle groups in turn or just concentrate on the areas that need attention.  Come in, zone out and enjoy the most wonderful hour of your day!

Total treatment time is 60 minutes


Thai Foot Massage

Re-connect your mind, body and spirit with our Thai Foot Massage Treatment.  Working on Acupressure meridians along with lower leg and hand massage, this treatment will leave you feeling blissful and calm.  Can be added to a pedicure or paraffin wax treatment.

Total treatment time is 45 minutes



Working in zones on the feet Reflexology is the ancient art of gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body.  This treatment can help with a number of conditions including migraines. Both effective and deeply relaxing Reflexology is a must for anyone's treatment list. 

Total treatment time 45 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Enter the chill-out zone with our relaxing massage of your back, neck and shoulders.  Personally customised to reduce muscle tension and knots.  Leaving you revived and supple.


Total treatment time is 30 minutes 

Eastern Face Massage

Re-energise your mind and drift off to your special places as our therapist weaves her magic.   This special treatment works on energy meridians and acupressure points and includes a heavenly head and shoulder massage.

Total treatment time is 45 minutes

Thermo Auricular Ear Candling (sometimes known as HOPI)

Hollow linen infused tubes called candles are placed in the ear one at a time.  As they work they create a chimney effect or vaccum to clear ear wax naturally.   This relaxing and therapeutic treatment has been used for the relief of migraine, tinnitus, sinus congestion, hayfever and general hearing loss.  The treatment is followed with a facial pressure point massage.

Add a further massage or facial and leave feeling balanced and relaxed - prices on request.

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